In lockdown with depression

let’s not pass the buck onto families in the aftermath of COVID-19 Commentators are beginning to suggest that in the aftermath of COVID-19, we face a pandemic of mental illness. Countering this call to arms for psychiatry, others have emphasised the importance of normalising mood changes and anxiety as a natural response to the situation. Here, we consider that while worry and fear may be normal, we do still need to prepare for the psychological aftermath of COVID-19. This is not because worry and mood change are abnormal. Rather the global health crisis followed on a decade of austerity and is likely to be followed by a recession.  Existing mental health policies and treatment options have not been working well and needed changes even before the crisis hit. We argue that the vital shift required is away from individualised approaches and responsibilisation of proximate caregivers and towards collective and family-based approaches which take social contexts fully into account. The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to exacerbate some mental health problems in the UK and Europe while simultaneously forcing people into financially, emotionally and socially precarious situations. There is, therefore, a reason to fear that the health crisis could well become […]
Author: Simon Carter | Source

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