General election: James Cleverly apologises for Tory Islamophobia – live news

Follow events on the last Sunday of the campaign as Boris Johnson refuses to say whether he will stand down should Tories lose

The shadow chancellor has expressed his concern that the row over antisemitism in Labour may have an effect on the election result, adding that the party had “done everything we can possibly do” to tackle the problem.

In a BBC One interview on Sunday morning, John McDonnell apologised to the Jewish community for “the suffering we’ve inflicted on them”. He added: “I say to them, we’re doing everything possible and we are going to learn more lessons and we want to be the shining example of anti-racism that the Labour party should be.”

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The anti-Brexit Best for Britain campaign has released new MRP data showing the Conservatives are on course for a 40 seat majority, but it claims that tactical voting in just 36 marginal seats would block this outcome.

It has calculated that just 40,704 tactical votes in these seats would prevent a Conservative majority.

“This election is on a knife-edge, and if enough remainers hold their nose and vote for the candidate with the best chance of stopping the Tories in their seat we’re heading for a hung Parliament and a final say referendum.”

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