General election: ‘Real change is coming,’ says Corbyn at Labour’s campaign launch – live news

Rolling coverage of the latest developments in the 2019 general election campaign

From the Scotsman’s Paris Gourtsoyannis

There weren’t any mentions of Scotland or Wales in the text handout of this speech, but Corbyn has gone off script to squeeze them in as part of list of people who “win” from a Labour government

Corbyn is now on his peroration.

Boris Johnson thought he was being smart holding this election in a dark and cold December. He thinks you won’t go out to vote. He thinks you won’t go out to campaign.

Well I say this: Labour will be out there in every city, town and village with the biggest and most confident campaign that our country has ever seen, bringing a message of hope and change to every community.

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Author: Andrew Sparrow | Source

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